Install from a package manager

Installing dt from a package manager for your operating system will be the preferred way of installing and updating dt in the future.

Currently this is waiting on:

  1. The release of Zig 0.11.+
  2. Adoption of Zig 0.11.+ by package managers
  3. Package maintainers adding support

Getting updates

If you are not installing from a package manager (As of 2023-07, no one is!) you won't get updates. The project intends for installations from package managers to be the primary method of vending dt, and no independent update tool or script is planned.

If you already have an account at GitHub, it's recommended to subscribe only to release notifications for the GitHub project.

  1. Navigate to the project at
  2. Find and click the "Watch" button
  3. Choose "Custom" and then check only the "Releases" checkbox

It's not critical to follow every update, but the notifications can be useful as an occasional reminder until your package manager is supported.

Download binaries

Standalone, statically-compiled binaries of dt are available for many operating systems and computing architectures.

For now, it's recommended to place these somewhere local like ~/.local/bin/dt if you normally put this on your PATH.

Binaries can be downloaded from the GitHub repository's releases page:

The binares are produced in the context of github CI/CD workflows, and not produced on random laptops. They are "deployed" as attachments to releases automatically.

Build from source (Vanilla)


  1. Install Zig 0.11.+ (As of 2023-07, this requires the "master" release of Zig)

Clone and build:

git clone
cd ./dt
zig build -Doptimize=ReleaseSmall

The resulting binary will be available in ./zig-out/bin/dt.

(Note: there is also a ./dt in the root of the project. This can be used to run dt, but is intended for development reasons and is not a general entrypoint.)

Build from source (rtx and crozbi)


  1. Install the rtx version manager.
  2. Install the crozbi Zig installer.
rtx x zig@0.11 -- crozbi so-dang-cool/dt


An experimental Docker container is available:



$ docker pull booniepepper/dt
$ docker run -it booniepepper/dt ''
dt 1.2.3
Learn from my mistakes - someone should.


The project's build.zig is pre-configured to compile for all known-supported platforms.

With the project cloned:

zig build cross