Helping out

If you like dt and want to see it succeed, we could use your help.


Write about dt! Talk about how you use it, how it works well, and how it can be improved. Have opinions, listen to others, and have healthy debates.

When writing about dt, it's recommended to use the tag "dt-lang" (however that makes sense to you) to help your content show up in searches.

Some ideas are getting-started guides, best practice suggestions, times to NOT use dt, and benchmarks that compare it against similar tools.

This is useful for other users, and also useful for helping surface areas for improvement in the project.


dt's documentation can always be improved.

Your feedback is valuable! Create documentation-related issues on github when explanations or guidance can be improved.

If you like technical writing, also consider contributing to the website and user-guide sources.


Packaging for Linux distributions, BSD ports trees, and other package managers like Homebrew is waiting on:

  1. The release of Zig 0.11.+, and
  2. Adoption of Zig 0.11.+ in distros and package managers

If these conditions are met (or if your package manager can support it early) then package away and let us know so we can keep track and avoid breaking changes.

In the future, the project does not plan to adopt pre-release versions of Zig, primarily to support package managers. (We love you, thanks for vending software to us! It's not easy.) Also the plan is to keep dependencies to a minimum and allow the project to be available in early bootstrapping phases and easy to independently upgrade.


If you have skills in dt and/or Zig, you might consider contributing to the project directly.

The utility and the language are intentionally kept minimal. If you're interested in adding features to the language, please open an issue before digging in.

J.R. the creator of dt here:

I'd like to take everyone's ideas, but I will also intentionally start with no until I'm convinced that something is crucial to the goals of the project. Much of the value of dt, and its longevity, will be defined by the features it avoids.