Building from source

Getting updates

If you aren't installing from a package manager you won't get updates. The project intends for installations from package managers to be the primary method of vending dt, and no independent update tool or script is planned.

If you already have an account at GitHub, it's recommended to subscribe only to release notifications for the GitHub project.

  1. Navigate to the project at
  2. Find and click the "Watch" button
  3. Choose "Custom" and then check only the "Releases" checkbox

It's not critical to follow every update, but the notifications can be useful as an occasional reminder until your package manager is supported.


dt builds with Zig 0.11.x and 0.12.x (pre-release)


If you are only ever going to develop with a single version of Zig, I recommend simply installing it from upstream.

If you already develop with multiple versions of Zig, you probably already have figured out how to manage versions. If not, I personally recommend either rtx or aqua.

If you're going to be installing a lot of Zig-built executables, check out crozbi.

Build instructions

1. Build with Zig from upstream downloads

Zig can be obtained from:

After installing Zig, you can build with:

git clone \
  && cd ./dt \
  && zig build

2. Build with Zig from rtx

  1. Install rtx
git clone \
  && cd ./dt \
  && rtx i \
  && zig build

3. Build with Zig from asdf

  1. Install asdf
git clone \
  && cd ./dt \
  && asdf install \
  && zig build

4. Build with Zig from aqua

  1. Install aqua
git clone \
  && cd ./dt \
  && aqua i \
  && zig build

5. Build as a Nix flake

  1. Install Nix or upgrade Nix to the latest release
  2. Enable Flakes
git clone \
  && cd ./dt \
  && nix build

6. Build and install with crozbi

  1. Install crozbi
crozbi so-dang-cool/dt


The project's build.zig is configured to compile for all dt's known-supported platforms.

With the project cloned, Zig installed, and the source root as your current working directory, run:

zig build cross

The targets to cross-compile can be edited in the project's build.zig.